Pet Holiday Care

We know everyone needs to get away every now and then, so we thought it was about time dogs had a holiday too…

As pet owners we know our pets are much happier and healthier in their home environment, as opposed to a kennel or cattery and for over 5 years Happy Hounds have been ararnging ‘home from home’ holidays

When you book a Happy Hounds Holiday, you can be confident your dogs’ are going to have as good a time as you – if not even better!

Here at Happy Hounds we feel it’s really important to get to know you and your dog. We always like to arrange an initial home visit where we can disucss your pets routine, what he loves and hates and any healthcare requirements. The meeting normally takes around an hour but by the end of it you’ll feel confident in our services and can look forward to your own holiday.

Whether you’re away for business or for pleasure… For short trips in town, to extended stays around the world… Because you’re selling your home or maybe just renovating it…
We offer you the peace of mind that we’ll be there when you need us to be you can be assured that your pet is as comfortable with us as he was at home. During the day we offer round the clock care, especially where puppies, dogs on regular medication and senior citizens are concerned.

Our holiday care service includes door-to-door transport for your dog, being collected from home is far less stressful, for both the owner and the dog. Dogs seem to settle more quickly with their home comforts around them including bed, food, toys and treats, arranged as they would be at home so make sure you pack their doggy suitcase. In no time at all, they’ve become part of the family and feel settled.

If you would feel better we can arrange a short stay in advance of your main booking so that when you’re away you can relax knowing your dog is having as good a time as you are!