About Us

We know everyone needs to get away every now and then, so we thought it was about time dogs had a holiday too…

Due to our ever evolving lifestyle and social activities, more and more of us find ourselves in positions where we have to leave our cherished pets home alone. Happy Hounds are here to help.

As pet owners we know our pets are much happier and healthier in their home environment, as opposed to a kennel or cattery and for over 5 years Happy Hounds have been arranging ‘home from home’ holidays.

We provide peace of mind that your pets are being mentally and physically exercised during the day, whether it be while you’re at work or enjoying the occasional day out.  This can prevent mess in your home but also gives your dog interaction with their own kind thus allowing your dog to be a much happier dog!
Happy Hounds is very much a family environment, a home from home, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your best friend is with people you can trust.

Happy Hounds are here to help and want every dog to get the canine interaction and companionship they so rightly deserve. Whether it’s an odd day or 5 times a week you can be sure to have a relaxed and fulfilled pet on your safe return.